Dominic is an entrepreneur and creative artist who has many passions and hobbies. He grew up in Queens, NY and is talented and skilled in a variety of different forms of artistic expression including fine art and photography. Dominic’s many travels have also influenced him throughout his life and he has had the opportunity to be exposed to many different areas and cultures of the world through his time spent in the Marine Corps.

     Dominic’s time in the Marines allowed him to broaden his horizons and realize his love of travel. After his service, he then spent some time pursuing business and consulting. However, as a natural creative this proved to be unfulfilling. Ultimately, Dominic chose to pursue a career within the family business where his creative and professional goals align perfectly. Working as a salon owner within the family business has proved to be a satisfying career move and has given Dominic the time and flexibility to pursue his many creative interests while running a business.

Currently, Dominic spends his days running his hair salon and his down time traveling, creating art and living life to the fullest. He has had five art shows and has visited 28 countries.

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